Frequently asked questions

Your questions answered!

Your questions answered


We'll keep you posted on the exact application process. Stay tuned! Follow this link to the registration page. We will keep you informed of further progress!

Our current prognosis for completion is June 2022. 

Definitely! Keep in mind, however, that it is only possible to rent if your income meets the stated income requirements. A maximum of two incomes may count as a shared income. Additionally, a maximum of two tenants can apply for one apartment.

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Short stay For income requirements, we ask that your monthly income amounts to three times the renting fee at the minimum. You can count any holiday allowances or (end-of-year) bonuses on top of your income in this case. 

Voor long stay: apartments we ask for a minimum monthly income that is 3.5x the monthly rent. 

At short stay: Using a parent as your guarantor is sometimes possible after deliberation. We review this possibility on a case-by-case basis.

At long stay: It is not possible to use your parents as guarantor for long stay options.  

Short stay: The monthly service costs amount to €175,-

Long stay: The monthly service costs amount to €85,-.

That depends! For short stay apartments heating, water and electricity are included in the renting fee. For long stay apartments these facilities have to be arranged separately. 


The appartments have different lease terms. 

Long stay
The minimal lease term for long stay apartments is 12 months. 

Long stay

The specifics of long stay apartment facilicites can be read by following this link

Long stay
Long stay deposit will amount to the sum of a two-month renting fee

One apartment requires a minimum of one, max. two residents. Children will not count toward this total.

Unfortunately, no pets are allowed!

Absolutely! The Boezem is equipped with 41 inside parking spaces. These can be hired for a monthly fee of €150- per parking space. 

Four of these parking spaces belong to the eight long stay apartments.

Yes, each apartment is equipped with its own storage space. 

Yes, there is a shared bike storage available.

The common ceiling height of the apartments is 2,60m. In a few cases the ceiling height is a tad higher.

Signing up

Depending on your employment status, we ask that you share the following documents:


  • (Safe) copy of your ID card or passport
  • Motivation letter
  • BRP excerpt
  • Landlord statement / mortgage statement

Do you work in wage labor?

  • Employer’s statement
  • Pay check past three months
  • Bank statement past three months
Do you own a business?
  • KvK (Kamer van Koophandel) excerpt
  • Profit and loss statement past three years
  • Balance sheet past three years